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Konfort 700 Series Automotive Mobile Air Conditioning Information

Konfort MAC Units from Texa S.p.A.

From the 1st January 2011 all newly type approved cars under the EEC legislation, should use the new refrigerant R1234yf in the AC system. This new gas, with a lower environmental impact, will progressively replace the traditional R134a, which can still be used by the manufacturers until  1st January 2017 on previously type approved vehicles.

There will be a long period where technicians will deal with both refrigerants.
Workshops have two options to stay abreast of the times:
- they can adopt two separate service stations;
- they can purchase a single service station that can operate simultaneously with both refrigerants.

Konfort Series 700R.
The new 700R series has been designed following in depth research and development, where TEXA engineers and designers have studied innovative solutions, combining maximum functionality and cutting-edge technology. The result of this work is an innovative service station, for which no fewer than eight international patents have been applied for. The new KONFORT is produced on an automated assembly line, equipped with advanced computerised checks, to ensure maximum quality and reliability.
The outer shell of the service station has a clean and stylish line, while the interior space was designed to make maintenance operations such as oil changes or filter dryer replacement simple. The refrigerant tank is placed on a robust electronic scale with a safety system which prevents alterations to the calibration during transportation or movement in the workshop.

The components used, such as the recovery group, have exceptional features and guarantee over 95% refrigerant recovery. The control console presents two clearly visible gauges, and an interactive monitor that ensures optimal visibility in any lighting conditions.
It also features an optical signal group which indicates the various stages of operation via different coloured LEDs. On the right-hand of  the monitor, there is the SD Card reader which, besides contains the vehicle database and allows services records to be stored.
The entire upper console can rotate to ensure the display can be viewed at all times.

    (only on 760R & 780R)
    Traditional bottles were not sealed and contained a proportion of air, so water molecules could contaminate the oil. The TEXA solution consists of special containers (patent pending), which prevent the contamination of the oil with air and moisture. These special bottles can be continually reused, since a special process eliminates excess air after refilling.
    To ensure safety and efficiency, it is necessary that the different types of oil and refrigerant do not come in contact with each other. TEXA has therefore developed a special cleaning feature for the internal circuits of the station. Before starting a service that requires different refrigerant or oil, the system initiates an effective automated procedure to prevent contamination of the various substances.
    (only on 760R & 780R)
    The development of new types of vehicles, particularly hybrids, has led to the introduction of different oils depending on the air conditioning system in which they operates (e.g. PAG or POE). Because it is harmful and dangerous to inject a non-compatible oil, the operator must avoid any errors. TEXA has developed a system of automatic recognition of the oil bottle type, by checking the information contained in the database vehicles, the machine can recognise the fact that an incorrect bottle is in use.
    (only on 760R & 780R)
    Scales for weighing the refrigerant can have a measurement error of up to 20%. One of the most common causes of inaccuracies is the condition of the workshop floor where the stations are used. Even slight inclines lead to errors in weighing and therefore can affect the amount of refrigerant re-charged to the vehicle. The special TILT SENSOR SYSTEM patented by TEXA, analyses the level of the scales and warns if this is outside the specified tolerance.
    The new refrigerant R1234yf is classified as flammable and therefore needs particular "strategies" to avoid the possibility of a fire.  Service stations in the KONFORT 700R series have a high efficiency fan system to eliminate the possibility of gas build up inside the machine.
    The KONFORT 700R service stations automatically perform a dual check on possible gas leakage from the internal tank. All safety-related operations take place automatically, without the possibility of errors or omissions by the operator.
    KONFORT 720R
    The KONFORT 700R is designed to operate on car, commercial vehicle, industrial and agricultural systems. It comes with automatic functions for the recovery and recycling of refrigerant and the recovery of oil. The quantities of oil and UV tracer are controlled by an automatic valve, leaving the operator just few simple manual operations.
    KONFORT 760R
    This models are equipped with a high visibility colour TFT display, and an easy to understand user interface. All the service functions are fully automated, without the use of any manual taps. Distinguishing characteristics compared to the 720R are the hermetic oil storage bottles, fully automatic service management, scale locking system and the automatic refrigerant leakage check. The 760R BUS, specifically developed for larger volume applications, is equipped with a 30 Kg internal storage tank, a larger 21cc compressor for refrigerant recovery and a 146 l/min dual stage vacuum pump which can generate 0.030 mbar vacuum.
    This model represents the top of the 700R series range, the best available on the market. The 780R version is the same size as the other machines, yet has two tanks and two separate circuits for recovery, recycling and refilling, so you can work with both refrigerants (the "old" R134a and the "new" R1234yf) simultaneously. The 780R includes all the other technical characteristics of the 760R and 760R BUS models, with an additional special process for flushing of the hydraulic circuits of the entire machine during the change of refrigerant. With this service station, the operator can carry out maintenance on vehicles with air-conditioning systems using different refrigerants; the automatic cleaning process takes approximately one minute to switch seamlessly from one gas to another. The KONFORT 780R BI-GAS, has a purchase price higher than the other models in the same range, but is a good long term investment, which will prove increasing advantageous with the growing in popularity of the next-generation of vehicles.

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