Konfort 700 Series (Model 760R) Automated A/C Refrigerant Station
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Konfort 700 Series (Model 760R) Automated A/C Refrigerant Station


Konfort 760R. The new 700R series has been designed following in depth research and development, where TEXA engineers and designers have studied innovative solutions, combining maximum functionality and cutting-edge technology. The result of this work is an innovative service station, for which no fewer than eight international patents have been applied for. The new KONFORT is produced on an automated assembly line, equipped with advanced computerised checks, to ensure maximum quality and reliability.
The outer shell of the service station has a clean and stylish line, while the interior space was designed to make maintenance operations such as oil changes or filter dryer replacement simple. The refrigerant tank is placed on a robust electronic scale with a safety system which prevents alterations to the calibration during transportation or movement in the workshop.
The components used, such as the recovery group, have exceptional features and guarantee over 95% refrigerant recovery. The control console presents two clearly visible gauges, and an interactive monitor that ensures optimal visibility in any lighting conditions.
It also features an optical signal group which indicates the various stages of operation via different coloured LEDs. On the right-hand of  the monitor, there is the SD Card reader which, besides contains the vehicle database and allows services records to be stored.
The entire upper console can rotate to ensure the display can be viewed at all times.
    This models are equipped with a high visibility colour TFT display, and an easy to understand user interface. All the service functions are fully automated, without the use of any manual taps. Distinguishing characteristics compared to the 720R are the hermetic oil storage bottles, fully automatic service management, scale locking system and the automatic refrigerant leakage check. The 760R BUS, specifically developed for larger volume applications, is equipped with a 30 Kg internal storage tank, a larger 21cc compressor for refrigerant recovery and a 146 l/min dual stage vacuum pump which can generate 0.030 mbar vacuum.

To watch a video of a typical workshop machine being used, click here

Konfort Model 760R Bus MAIN FEATURES
    • Compatible with R134a or R1234yf
    • High visibility colour TFT display
    • Revolutionary graphic interface
    • DATABASE management and services carried out via SD card
    • Rotating Gauges and display (Excluding Germany)
    • 20 kg internal tank for 760R
    • 30 kg internal tank for 760R BUS
    • Dual stage Vacuum pump
    • High efficiency refrigerant recovery (over 95%)
    • Sealed anti contamination oil bottles (patent pending)
    • High precision Automatic oil injection
    • Automatic oil bottle recognition (patent pending)
    • Automatic refrigerant measurement accuracy check (patent pending)
    • Scale locking system
    • Automatic service management
    • Functionality modes:
       - DATABASE
       - MY DATABASE
    • Multi language coverage
    • Automatic service hose length compensation
    • Automatic service signal
    • Simplified service
    • Automatic non-condensable management

For a Texa Konfort 700 Series pdf Catalogue click here

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