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Coolvac Vacuum Pumps

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With more than 40 years experience in the refrigeration and vacuum industry, Coolvac delivers knowledgeable refrigeration and vacuum solutions. We’ve got the tools and the know-how to help you keep thevacuum, automotive, heat pump, air conditioning and refrigeration wheels turning.We’ve selected the highest quality products that offer the best value on the market. At Coolvac, we bring together our expertise and experience with a product range that is constantly evolving.

The Coolvac vacuum pumps cover a popular and general capacity range for all kinds of vacuum applications including refrigeration and air conditioning, composite and bagging, hobby, and other general use. Capacities range from 45 litre/min to 220 litre/min.

The SuperEgo vacuum pumps are manufactured in Spain and represent great value and improved technology. Currently with newer more flammable refrigerants being used in local and imported equipment, the need for A2L rated motors and pumps is increasing. We currently stock the SuperEgo R32 vacuum pump (also good for all retro refrigerants) which has the benefit of a roughing dial vacuum gauge and also an isolating solenoid valve to regulate air admittance and isolate the pump from the application if power to the pump is deliberately or accidentally turned off.   


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