As the leading Australian manufacturer of refrigerant recovery equipment, JAVAC can help you achieve your Green Star Certification with ease - and at a competitive cost compared to other endorsements.
Note: These comments relate to Australian requirements. A New Zealand version is currently being prepared.

Refrigerant recovery and leak detection is an extremely important issue for designers of new and existing buildings, and has reached a high profile with the Green Building Council of Australia's (GBCA) Green Star rating scheme, which offers credits and rewards to designers who address issues surrounding refrigerant. JAVAC can cater for all your needs in these systems from the largest to the smallest. We can work with building designers, architects, consultants, contractors and building owners to determine the best solution for your specific plant requirements.
Version two of the Green Star Office Design includes two full credits for Refrigerant Leak Detection (Emi-3) and Refrigerant Recovery (Emi-4). JAVAC can help you achieve both. Our Green Star products are currently finalising development.
What is Green Star Certification?
The Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA) is a government endorsed initiative established in 2002.  Created to develop a sustainable property industry in Australia, striving to drive the adoption of green building practices through market-based solutions.
The Green Star initiative - promoted and supported by GBCA - endorses sustainability within the commercial building industry through design, technology and operations.  They also promote the integration of these “green” practices into mainstream design and construction.
Why choose Green Star?
If businesses choose to follow the Green Star certification they can benefit not just by being environmentally sound, but can also reap many other benefits in both the long and short term.
Companies can enjoy such benefits as:
•Lower operation costs
•Reduction of carbon footprint
•Reduction of liability and risk
•Enhanced marketability through;
◦Higher return on investment
◦Increased tenant rental
•Healthier working and living environment
•Increased productivity
Reco GT Recovery Unit

Reco GT Recovery Unit

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