Reco GT Recovery Unit
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Reco GT Recovery Unit

Reco GT Recovery Unit

HVAC Refrigerant Recovery & Leak Detection that saves money and the environment. Complies with Green Star and BREEAM, customised for your specific building needs.

Australian designed and manufactured, this recovery unit is built specifically to comply with the government's Green Star initiative. These units are customised for individual applications from small package systems to large multi chiller plants.
Reco GT Recovery Unit Features
  • Designed specifically for Green Star building projects
  • Designed and manufactured in Australia
  • Capable of recovering up to 400kg* of R134a per hour
  • Suitable for most refrigerants in the CFC, HFC and HCFC families
  • Suited to a range of systems; including air conditioning and commercial refrigeration
  • Internal liquid and vapour pumps
  • Integrated oil separation system
  • Integrated PLC can be customised to user specifications
  • Standard output for BMS operation (modbus RS485 option available)
  • Capable of working with infra red leak detection sensors
  • Discreet input for scale operation
  • Can be operated indoors or out; with a weather proof construction
  • Strong steel casing; powder coated
  • Maximum operating temperature of 40 degrees
  • 240 volt single phase power
  • 1/2" inlet and 1/2" outlet solder connection
Additional Options
  • Leak detection sensors; infra red or heated diode
  • Capability of multiple trigger inputs eg. HP/LP gas leak, liquid level alarm
  • Platform scales for refrigerant tanks with LED display
  • Refrigerant tanks cleaned and dehydrated
  • Visual warning lights and audible alarm during operation
  • Refrigerant recharge module
*Liquid flowrate: 400kg per hour under ideal conditions (5ºC subcool)

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