Javac Whisper

Javac Whisper


Whisper Ultrasonic Leak Detector

The Whisper Ultrasonic Leak Detector is ideal for detecting and locating sources of ultrasonic sound through the use of a specialised receiver which detects frequencies in the 40.5 kHz range. 

Through sophisticated circuitry, the Whisper locates the ultrasound's source while and Internal Noise Control ensures the instrument is unaffected by audible noise, making it a versatile tool which can be used in extremely noisy environments, such as mechanical rooms and operating chillers. 

You can also use the optional ultrasonic transmitter for quick and accurate leak checking in walk-in coolers/freezers, wall and ceiling joints, around doors, windows, ducts, etc.

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Javac Whisper Transmitter

Javac Whisper Transmitter


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