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With more than 40 years experience in the refrigeration and vacuum industry, Coolvac Pty Ltd delivers knowledgeable refrigeration and vacuum solutions. We’ve got the tools and the know-how to help you keep the vacuum, automotive, heat pump, air conditioning and refrigeration wheels turning.We’ve selected the highest quality products that offer the best value on the market. At Coolvac, we bring together our expertise and experience with a product range that is constantly evolving.

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JAVAC’s Altima and XTR refrigeration recovery program delivers specialist recovery machines each with a unique feature tailored to one or many applications. This range targets purpose built machines to meets the specific needs of your application, rather than a general multipurpose or higher cost unit. The Konfort program is targeted to the Auto Air Conditioning market. These are available in two capacity ranges.

All JAVAC Altima and XTR machines plus the Konfort benefit from many years of design and manufacturing experience; ergonomically designed, easy to carry, cool to touch and with porting that faces downward, rather than toward your face! The familiar JAVAC 2 port manifold with integrated self purge (on the fly) and inlet filter allows the user total control of the refrigerant reclaim unit during all points of the recovery process.

Refrigerant reclaim and recovery system and safety features include HP switches, thermal overloads, circuit breakers and full product traceability – you won’t find a more reliable, feature packed, Australian designed and manufactured product on the market ! Models are:

ALTIMA and ALTIMA Spark proof versions

Oil free compressor – zero maintenance with an A2L spark proof version for use with R32

Automatic Pressure Regulation – set & forget for most jobs
Multi purpose machine for refrigeration & air conditioning applications, suitable for use with most refrigerants and R410a.


High performance model
High throughout 1/2 HP oil free compressor specifically designed for high volume recovery
Delivers on average 30% more product
Suitable for recovery of most refrigerants up to & including R410a
Available with optional recycling kit

Also available in a light version


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Reco GT Recovery Unit

Reco GT Recovery Unit

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