Typical refrigeration industry vacuum pump suction port fitting

Typical refrigeration industry vacuum pump suction port fitting

Typical vacuum pump suction port fittings for refrigeration industry type vacuum pumps

The smaller (30-45 litre/minute) Coolvac Vacuum Pumps come as standard with a 1/4" Flare (for the refrigeration industry) fitting. There is no built-in shut off valve. The suction union is screwed into the intermediate body of the pump and can be removed to have an alternative union fitted for alternative size adaptors or hose tail fittings. The female thread in the body of the pump can be either 1/4" or 3/8" BSP depending on the pump capacity. Therefore a number of different hose tail sizes can be fitted using 1/4" BSP or a bush to 3/8" BSP.

The next size up (100 - 300 litre/minute) usually come with both 1/4" Flare and 3/8" flare for the refrigeration industry. The thread in the body of the pump is normally 3/8" BSP and the same adaptor or hose tail rules apply.

We have shut-off valves available for the refrigeration industry in 1/4" Flare and 5/16" (R410A) only. 

If a simple solution is required to fit a shut-off valve and hose tail fitting, 3 x adaptors are required. Hence the pricing for any type of adaptor above is $50.

If purchasing an adaptor along with a vacuum pump, please ensure a clear adaptor description is given in the note field at check-out.   

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