Javac Acravac Digital Vacuum Gauge

Javac Acravac Digital Vacuum Gauge

Acravac Plus Digital Vacuum Gauge

The Acravac Plus utilizes a proprietary Pirani sensor - the most accurate sensor in its class. Pirani sensors use the Thermal Conductivity Principle of vacuum measurement, they are more accurate and cover a wider range compared to conventional measuring technologies. It has an easy to read digital display in microns, pascal and millibar. It displays the actual reading of the vacuum level throughout the entire evacuation process from atmosphere (760,000 microns) down to 1 micron, so a leak is immediately visible. The Acravac Plus also has an automatic shut off and stores the last reading for easy retrieval upon start up.

Note for the vacuum industry, a KF16 flange version is available for an additional $200 + GST.

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